Value-Added Design

Technology Innovation:

At RF Design Concepts, sound engineering design principles are always employed to provide the optimal balance between technology innovation, delivery time, cost, and high quality.

Custom designs are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the end application by using the optimal combination of semiconductor device and passive circuit technologies.

Customer Service:

Effective communication is key

Preliminary design review:

  1. 1. Specifications will be closely reviewed at the onset of the development process

  2. 2. Potential design risks will be identified and clearly communicated in a specification compliance document

  3. 3. Any requests for relief on critical specifications will be made at this time

Schedule tracking:

Detailed development and delivery schedules will be provided and supported with periodic updates.

Product documentation:

Every hardware product will be delivered with:

  1. 1. Operating instructions

  2. 2. Test data record of critical performance specifications

Design Cycle:

RF Design Concepts supports the full development/design life cycle from “Cradle to grave.”

Where specified, even first run prototypes will be designed to conform to IPC-A-610 or J-STD-001 standards.

The philosophy at RF Design Concepts is to always employ sound engineering principles in order to provide the optimal balance of technology innovation, delivery time, cost, and high quality.

Design Package:
Electrical circuit schematics, PC board layout, bill of material, mechanical and assembly drawings are available for “Build to print” at additional cost.