Technical Resources and Capabilities

Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
Computer Aided Design (CAD)

AWR RF Design Concepts uses state-of-the-art EDA/CAD tools from AWR, including Microwave Office® for circuit design and Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) for system design. Because AWR’s tools are integrated within the single AWR Design Environment™, RF Design Concepts is able to simulate design performance at both the system and circuit-level of abstraction and quickly and accurately analyze the interactions between them.


– AWR’s family of electromagnetic (EM) simulators, including EMSight™ and AXIEM® for planar and Analyst™ for arbitrary 3D EM simulation, gives RF Design Concepts the ability to accurately design complex passive networks in the shortest possible time.

– The integrated layout capabilities in Microwave Office enable RF Design Concepts to ensure the best possible correlation between simulated and actual performance of designs.

– AWR’s TestWave™ test and measurement interface module closes the loop between simulated and measured performance by providing measured data from RF test equipment back into the simulation environment. Nearly any desired RF waveform can be exported into the non-volatile memory of an RF signal generator as an IQ data stream.

RF Test Equipment: Vector Network Analyzer

Cal Kit RF Design Concepts is equipped with an hp/Agilent 8753D Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) and hp/Agilent 85033D 3.5 mm Calibration Kit to ensure accurate measurements. The 8753D VNA is capable of measuring two-port s-parameters from 30 kHz to 6 GHz. RF Design Concepts has access to an hp/Agilent 8720D VNA for higher frequency measurements, up to 20 GHz.


RF Test Equipment:
Digital Signal Generator & Vector Signal Analyzer

VSA The hp/Agilent E4433B (250 kHz to 4.0 GHz) Digital Electronic Signal Generator (D-ESG) and hp/Agilent E4406A (7 MHz to 4.0 GHz) Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA), in conjunction with the Testwave interface in VSS allow RF Design Concepts to test and measure RF hardware with virtually any modulation (AM, FM, FSK, PSK, n-QAM) scheme as well as established commercial wireless standards such as GSM, GPRS, cdma2k, WCDMA, LTE, etc.

In addition to RF domain measurements such as ACLR/ACPR and Peak to Average Ratio (PAR), digital baseband measurements (EVM, cde, BER, etc.) are also possible through the Testwave/VSS interface.


High Power Test Equipment:
High Voltage/High Current Power Supply

DC Power System Supply The hp/Agilent 6554A DC Power Supply is capable of supplying up to 500 W of continuous, precise, (linear) regulated, very low noise, DC power. Within this power limit, the 6554A can maintain up to 60 V at up to 8.33 A or up to 9 A at 55.55 V.

Assuming RF power amplifier drain efficiency of 50% at peak power, the hp/Agilent 6554A DC Power Supply enables test and measurement of RF power amplifiers with up to 250 W peak power capability.