RF Power Amplifier Design

    • Architectures: High power output stages, full TX chain, integrated RF front end
    • Form factors: Pallet (open/shielded), module (fully enclosed)
    • Frequencies: up to 20GHz
    • Power levels: up to 3kW
    • Bandwidths: Decade or greater
    • Modes of operation: Class A, Class AB/B, Class C, Class D, Class E, Class F
    • RF Device technologies: LDMOS, GaN HEMT, GaAs FET/HEMT/pHEMT/HBT


Linear & Efficient Architectures:

    • Doherty RF Power Amplifiers
    • Outphasing Transmitters
    • Pre-distortion (closed loop RF)


    • Control features: RF output blanking (enable/disable), EMI filtering, gain/power control (external/automatic), temperature compensation (open/closed loop), telemetry, etc.
    • Protection & filtering: DC input protection, RF input/output protection, over temperature shutdown, bias sequencing, EMI filtering
    • Control Interfaces: TTL/CMOS logic, I2C, USB, etc.